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Ageas Group Reinsurance organises the reinsurance activities of the Ageas Group. Through Ageas Re, it serves non-Group clients predominantly in EMEA in property and casualty treaty reinsurance. Through its internal reinsurance operations, it serves the life and non-life reinsurance needs of the Group as well as its entities. Internal clients are based in Belgium, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. Underwritten portfolios are usually local portfolios, with the exception of  Hong Kong, where Ageas writes risks around the globe as part of the retrocession programme of our JV company, Taiping Re.

The reinsurance activities are carried out by ageas SA/NV, the top holding company of the Group, which as a result became an operational reinsurance company, with a positive impact on its financial strength rating. Our clients benefit from an A+/Stable S&P rating as well as an AA-/Stable Fitch Rating.

Group Reinsurance underwrites (large) shares in the traditional reinsurance programs of the Group’s entities. This enables Ageas to adjust its global risk intake to the Group risk appetite and to maximise diversification benefits.

Group Reinsurance also concluded significant proportional contracts with several Ageas entities to gather uncorrelated risks at Group level whilst enhancing capital fungibility.

Group Reinsurance acts as a centre of knowledge for the Ageas entities and coordinates most reinsurance activities in Ageas, including the initiatives that are developed together with Taiping Re.